Sunday, November 07, 2010

What's your Christmas wishlist?

Well, here's mine:

1. Blackberry 8520. I am no gadget freak but I have been thinking of getting an iPhone since it was released here in Philippines. But after I saw the real phone, yes it is fancy, but I really have a problem with the touch screen keypad. And yes, I am no apps person. So my second option is this Blackberry. I have zero knowledge on their models. But upon further research, I was amazed by its functionality! Imagine mobile blogging, MS Office updates, PDF viewer, Twitter and  Facebook on your phone?! That is so freakin' cool! That's just really what I needed.

2. Canon water-proof camera (Powershot D10). Just because I love the beach and I want to do almost all water activities and take photos of everyone.

3. Surf board. I just found a new sport. My new love. And because I frequent in La Union (almost every other weekend) and spend a lot of money on renting the boards, I want to have my own.

4. Longchamp Planetes. I have a new Le Pliage in bilberry coming up (Thanks Mac!). But I will have it for casual use. Planetes, on the other hand, might be appropriately used in going to office. Planetes is a lot more sturdy than Le Pliage. It can stand on its own! The color and material is also more striking and crisp compared to Le Pliage.

5. Suelas's Barca. I just simply love the color and of course, they are flats! However, I find them really expensive for a flats. It's just Php1,099.00. Of course I can afford them but I just would not spend that amount of money for flats.Talk about being frugal.


Chyng said...

+1 for then underwater camera!

freeswan said...

hi sis! I actually saw the camera from your Coron blog and i saw the pictures of the fishes you took that's why this should be on my list. :)