Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insects in my bag

Look what I just got today.
the package

Last night, I got a private message from a close friend, Joanne, who just arrived from the States the other day. She told me she left her pasalubong (well, not really her pasalubong. Thanks, Mac!) to Marna, our another friend. To my excitement, I asked my hubby to get the the items from Marna after his shift. Pronto!

 excited to open. i just woke up. excuse my pantulog outfit.
 see how beautiful she is (package includes catalog from LC)
 the moth with purple studs
 This is my earliest Christmas present. The bag is soooo cute it made me really happy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Php200 off in Progress Gold from Citibank

I checked out our mailbox last night and found out a couple of bills. Two of which is from Smart and one from Citibank. I was so surprised to get a mail from Citibank because I have been enrolled in online billing so I shouldn't be receiving any paper bills from them. To my surprise, I got a gift certificate from Citibank!

"With compliments from Mercury Drug. In partnership with Wyeth, exclusively for select Citibank clients.
In celebration of 65 years of service
This entitles the cardholder to P200 off 
on your purchase of Progress Pre-school Gold at and Mercury Drug Branch!"

And since we don't have a preschooler yet, I'd be giving this GC out to great mommies! Weee! I know, it's just a small amount but hey, it's a Php200 off to a thousand worth of milk. I also have apprehensions in posting this cause what if no one is really interested to get this prize? But I thought, it's gonna be worth the try. It would be a waste if I just throw this GC off.

Here are the mechanics, though:

Yes, you need to purchase the milk and get the discount only when you have a Citibank Mercury Drug credit card. I have one! If you win, we can use my card and just pay me the rest in cash. What do you think?

My mechanics: 
Mommies, just post the cutest picture of your kid. And the winner gets to have this GC. Goodluck!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aldrin's Tapsilog

This is my first food blog and without a bit tad of shame I'd say that this is not my recipe but my husband's.

Overview: I don't cook. I don't like cooking. I am not kitchen-savvy and most of all I hate the kitchen heat. My dear husband, on the other, has passion for cooking. He loves to cook and he experiments with recipes in the kitchen.

So one Monday morning, Aldrin decided to make his own tapa from scratch.

beef strips
soy sauce

1. Mix the beef and all spices. Add water.
2. Let it boil until the meat is tender.
3. Fry the meat.

I asked my husband about the detailed process, he said there's no such thing for him. For one, he doesn't use cups, teaspoons and tablespoons to measure the ingredients. He also doesn't measure the time for boiling, heating and marinating. What he does is he just looks at the meat and observe.Now, that's what I call a GIFT.

He completed his dish with tomatoes with bagoong and some sunny side up eggs. Of course, tapsilog will never be tapsilog if it doesn't have a sinangag.

For his sinangag, he used our leftover rice from dinner, the marinade and the oil he used to cook the tapa.

Then just by this simple dish, our whole day went complete. I am so ever proud of my hubby. 

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Facebook Movie

My husband and I just got back from watching Social Network. What a clever movie. I never knew being in  some social-networking-site business could be that lucrative, deceiving and even more compelling.

Watching the movie brought some terrible memories from college. You see, I graduated with a major in Computer Technology. It wasn't really the best years of my life. I hated my subjects the entire time (that's another long story). Just imagine my horror when I saw the character of Mark Zuckerberg making programs as his way of putting out his emotions. Ack!!!

But what really got my attention was how they made a lot of money (and how Mark lost some too!) from Facebook. Crazy story! It tackled intellectual theft, betraying a good friend, risky investments, launching a company, partying, drugs and even lawsuits. I was just really impressed by how many different stories and lessons they were able to come up in just one movie.

Social Network is on it's first week on the cinemas. Watch it now!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

SM Homeworld Sale purchase

Two weeks ago, hubby and I conquered the crazy crowded SM Megatrade hall for the SM Homeworld Sale. We scored these major items:

Kitchen Organizer. Aldrin and I recently used our Corelle plates and since our kitchen space would only fit a sink and a trash can, we decided to get this. Money power: Php 2,500

Dining set. With four seats, to be more accurate. We finally completed the last piece of our furniture puzzle. Original price is at Php9,000 but we got it for Php5,000. Good deal, right? It just arrived today since we had it delivered by the supplier. We just had our first dinner together with our brand new table.

that's the table! yikes! you'll see how messy the house is.
the seats. the other two are still dusty and unused.

We finally decided to furnish our unit before my mom and sister would arrive for the holidays. I am soooo excited!

What's your Christmas wishlist?

Well, here's mine:

1. Blackberry 8520. I am no gadget freak but I have been thinking of getting an iPhone since it was released here in Philippines. But after I saw the real phone, yes it is fancy, but I really have a problem with the touch screen keypad. And yes, I am no apps person. So my second option is this Blackberry. I have zero knowledge on their models. But upon further research, I was amazed by its functionality! Imagine mobile blogging, MS Office updates, PDF viewer, Twitter and  Facebook on your phone?! That is so freakin' cool! That's just really what I needed.

2. Canon water-proof camera (Powershot D10). Just because I love the beach and I want to do almost all water activities and take photos of everyone.

3. Surf board. I just found a new sport. My new love. And because I frequent in La Union (almost every other weekend) and spend a lot of money on renting the boards, I want to have my own.

4. Longchamp Planetes. I have a new Le Pliage in bilberry coming up (Thanks Mac!). But I will have it for casual use. Planetes, on the other hand, might be appropriately used in going to office. Planetes is a lot more sturdy than Le Pliage. It can stand on its own! The color and material is also more striking and crisp compared to Le Pliage.

5. Suelas's Barca. I just simply love the color and of course, they are flats! However, I find them really expensive for a flats. It's just Php1,099.00. Of course I can afford them but I just would not spend that amount of money for flats.Talk about being frugal.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Blogging Reborn

I'm back! My last post was dated August 2006. Has it really been 4 years? Hell yeah!

What's new? I got married! Yes, my long time boyfriend is now my hubby. We got married December 2009 (would you believe we'll be married almost a year now?).

I am now waking up this blogsite to open again my life to the cyberworld. Watch out real life, I'll be writing about you! Add to my excitement the new lappy or blackberry I'll be getting this Christmas. Now, I can blog comfortably.