Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Angry Birds for Anger Management

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Do you have a temper? Well, this game might be for you.

Funny how I go about this game. First, I read it a lot from Facebook status of my friends. I was curious. But not quite. I am not really a "games" person and for the reason that my husband is the one who tends to get obsessed with games, I chose not to discover it. Promise, I really did not make any efforts on finding out what this game is all about. Here's the thing, Aldrin tends to get crazy over games. Any games. May it be DOTA, WoW, Cityville and even Happy Aquarium. He's the competitive type. He'd definitely have sleepless nights just to upgrade and level up. It's supposed to be okay. He considers this as his way of de-stressing and to relax. Fine. I get that. But what I hate about him when he plays these games is instead of de-stressing, I actually see him getting tired. He lacks sleep, he doesn't eat, he doesn't bathe, he goes to work late and the list goes on. So, there.

And so here's the story. I've been keeping this game from him for quite sometime now and my huge mistake was to mention I know a certain game but would't dare share to him. I understimated my husband's power. And few days since that conversation, I knew it. He has found it. And it was already installed in our lappy! Whoah!!! That quick, huh?

that tiny bird can actually split into three

Anyway, so obviously I lost. So I just took the chance of playing the game. At first, I thought it was stupid and brutal. Imagine birds flying out just to kill green pigs (aren't they?). Then just tonight, to my boredom (Sun Broadban is intermittent), I checked the game myself. Well, Aldrin's scores were already up the bar so I have to keep up. Hey, I'm that competitive as well. So I had to try several slings, jumps, angles and strategies to maximize my hits and drops to keep my scores running. Wooot! Addicting, it is! I also feel a slight pressure here. So now I think is the best time to channel my anger (or being upset) in this game. Also, those green pigs are quite a heckler! ugh! I have that gigil factor already. Watch out!
and that very angry yellow bird can do a super speed hit

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Satchels Galore!

I happen to pass by Schu Galleria last week and saw that they are open again for preorders of the Cambridge Satchels. I really wanted to have this bag. However, I have plans on going on an Asian trip this year. So I have to hold on to my pockets for the meantime. On the other hand, I am also lusting over the Longchamp Planetes in raisin although I have my Le Pliage already. Haaaay, girls talaga...

my friend LR and his green Batchel

Then just this week, I saw my favorite blogger, Frances of Topazmommy posted a teaser of her new line of bags coming up. Lovely, isn't it? It's also a satchel but what's nice about her bag is that it's handmade (3 days to finish the bag) from pure leather and proudly Pinoy product! I got excited. But not just yet, I still have to wait for other details. Then just this evening, she updated her blog and she posted a prototype of her project. I didn't waste much time, I immediately emailed her.

Frances modelling her leather satchel

Frances also included in her post why she came up with this bag and her review of the Cambridge satchels. It was indeed very helpful. And so I crossed out 'Cambridge satchel' from my list. But no need to worry, I have this Pinoy made bag coming up. Frances replied to my email. She told me she hasn't finalized the sizes yet and she's thinking of coming up with more colors. Yaaay! And she promised that the price is nowhere near as expensive as the Cambridge Satchel. That means, I can have a satchel and at the same time, I can have an additional budget for my Asian trip. Woohoo!!!

Check out more about the Handmade leather satchel. For more details on this bag, you can email Frances at frances@topazhorizon.com.

Zumba way to go!

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...As I was browsing through a forum last night, I stumbled upon the Zumba thread. For months, I've been really contemplating in going back to dance class. Now that I'm 27, I'm starting to feel the terrible back aches, joint aches and all the aches in the world. I started to jog but I felt pathetic. I was alone with my own little iPod.

I wanted to get my groove but but I was a bit reluctant. You see, I could no longer stretch my legs. That's the point. I might end up in day-care type of dance class. And I don't want that. 

What is Zumba? Zumba started way back in the late 90's. An aerobics instructor had only Latin tapes (back then) in his bag to deal with. So he came up with aerobics in a form of Latin dances. Cool, right? So I think this is perfect for me. I need my semi-advance aerobics steps to keep me fit but I might not need the intense Latin dance steps...yet

So I read this deal from MetroDeal (rhymes!). Php1,000 for 10 Zumba classes at any Gold's Gym branch. It's originally worth Php5,500 for the 10 classes but all these for just Ph 1,000... I just thank God for these offers!

Can't wait to start my June. Aside from going back to the night shift, I have this Zumba thing to look forward to.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Heat is ON

This is the biggest upset for this season. I thought it would've been the loss of Lakers and the goodbye of dear Phil Jackson that would be the saddest news this year. Then this morning came, at Game 5, Chicago Bulls home court, they lost the game at a close 83-30 scoring points because my beloved Derrick Rose lost that 3 point shot.

Sure I like Heat (Bosh and Wade, you guys were fine). I just don't like that other guy - LeBron James. Yes, he makes the hardest blocks but I think he should because he'd be more stupid to not make those calls looking at his gigantic features. 'Nuff of the explaining. I just don't like him. Period.

I hate this picture

And for several years, I got tired of the Heat-Celtics-Lakers run in the finals. So when Bulls stepped up this season, this was refreshing. I was soooo looking forward to see them on finals. It made me kinda remember of the time of Jordan, Pippen and the rest. And I have the heart for underdogs. Opposite to that Lebron guy, is the humble Derrick Rose who I see a Kobe potential in this field. There's one word for this guy - FAST! Well, he did try his very best and that, for me, was well enough.

So what's next? I'm half hearted to root for Miami because of the obvious reasons. I still hope he won't get that ring. So there, I MIGHT be rooting for Dallas instead.

See you all on Wednesday for The Finals Game 1!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My take on RH Bill

I am pro RH Bill. I have long been waiting for a bill that's for us, women. Not that I disprove the Magna Carta for Women but as I see it, this RH Bill focuses on women's reproductive health rights and choices.

I am not going to talk about church, God, Bible and anything religious here. I believe that God allowed us to go forth and multiply. But I also believe in following this word responsibly. And with being responsible means having to take care of our offsprings without depriving them the quality of life.

I also don't understand why the talks of RH Bill goes around condoms and other contraceptives. The last time I checked the full text of this bill, it does not limit to these contraceptives only. It also talks about the choices of women, the pre natal, post natal and post  menopausal benefits. It also talks about the responsibilities of every employer to their women employees. To be honest, there's much more to talk about in this bill than condoms. The way I see it, the politicians feared of moving funds from their own pork barrel to these condoms (read: RH bill). If we talk about money and budget, it's just there. It's just that once we passed this bill, women would have the "say" or rights to claim for more benefits. And this alone fears the whole government body.

So there, for me, if we pass this bill, we get to claim more of our benefits, thus, lesser money to corrupt for the government. We will have voices to share and impart our rights for taking care of our reproductive health. We can now have our own choices.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strategic Planning: Magalawa Island

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Because I was soooo cranky at work and I literally cried almost every night about it, Aldrin thought of leaving the city and have our husband-and-wife strategic planning. Yes, planning. I already wanted to leave my work. And I wanted to go back in my home town, Cagayan de Oro City. Of course, this is not a simple thing to do. It's easy to say and decide that I'd go back, but the thought of moving and Aldrin leaving his job would not be easy. And so off we go to Zambales. Magalawa Island is a 6 hour bus ride from Manila. We left Victory Bus Terminal at 4:30am and arrived Palauig, Zambales at 9:30am. We asked the bus kundoktor to drop us off at Radyo Veritas Road. Once we were at that road, we asked a trycicle driver to bring us to the port for Magalawa Island. Trip costs us 150 pesos for a 30 minute off road challenge. Yikes! Then boat ride took us 10 minutes to reach the island.
 Radyo Veritas Rd. waiting shed
 our tent
 fresh octopus
 from the kubo restaurant
 looking at the mountains
 our bags
the kubo restaurant at  night time
Would I come back to this island? Yes but not anytime soon. 

On Pets and Babies

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Lately, Aldrin has been whining about getting a dog. A pomeranian to be specific. I admit I am not a caring person, more so, a pet lover. But his constant whining is deafening to my ears and I already told myself "bahala na". You see, only the two of us live in this tiny condo unit. We don't have househelp and we are not that close to our neighbors. In short, we only stay in this place to sleep, cook, eat, bathe and watch TV. I thought having a new dog in this tiny room would add chaos to our lives. Imagine leaving the dog while we're at work, it would die in hunger and loneliness. Having a dog in this house would really change our lives. And I'm not cool with it. You see, keeping a dog would change everything but it would not give much gratification in my life, to be honest. It's as good as having a baby. So there, I'd rather be pregnant and have a baby than to have a dog.

cute, isn't it? but no thanks.

Superfriends: Goodbye, Macau!

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...April 5

It was our last day in Macau. As usual, the preparation kicked our time. We left Coloane at noon. Our first stop was Macau Tower. We probably spent 30 minutes up there. Then we hurried back down and went straight ahead to Senado Square and St. Paul’s ruins. Our way up was a feast. We enjoyed eating the samples. And by the time we reached the ruins, all we need is a cold drink. Burp! We took pictures and bought our pasalubongs. Egg tart, anyone? I bought a box of egg tarts and the spicy beef tapa. The meat was freakin’ MOP60!!!! This have to be our viand for the whole week. LOL.

Cha cha looking at the person who just jumped.


Macau from the top
We dropped by this church to say some prayers

St. Paul Ruins
a wedding shoot!

the bridge to Cotai area
And we literally ran back to The Venetian. Amazing Race, next episode it was. The ZAIA show is at 6pm and we haven’t bought our tickets yet. We were a few minutes late of the show. Instead of the MOP388 ticket price, there was a discount for that time slot. We had our tickets for MOP188. Quite reasonable though because I honestly fell asleep during the show. I found it a bit boring.

At 8pm, we were already at the airport. We checked in and had our dinner. We met up with friend May Chan who already works in Macau. We passed by immigration and then we boarded the plane. At 12mn, I was already breathing the Manila air. And then I miss Macau and Hong Kong.