Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My take on RH Bill

I am pro RH Bill. I have long been waiting for a bill that's for us, women. Not that I disprove the Magna Carta for Women but as I see it, this RH Bill focuses on women's reproductive health rights and choices.

I am not going to talk about church, God, Bible and anything religious here. I believe that God allowed us to go forth and multiply. But I also believe in following this word responsibly. And with being responsible means having to take care of our offsprings without depriving them the quality of life.

I also don't understand why the talks of RH Bill goes around condoms and other contraceptives. The last time I checked the full text of this bill, it does not limit to these contraceptives only. It also talks about the choices of women, the pre natal, post natal and post  menopausal benefits. It also talks about the responsibilities of every employer to their women employees. To be honest, there's much more to talk about in this bill than condoms. The way I see it, the politicians feared of moving funds from their own pork barrel to these condoms (read: RH bill). If we talk about money and budget, it's just there. It's just that once we passed this bill, women would have the "say" or rights to claim for more benefits. And this alone fears the whole government body.

So there, for me, if we pass this bill, we get to claim more of our benefits, thus, lesser money to corrupt for the government. We will have voices to share and impart our rights for taking care of our reproductive health. We can now have our own choices.

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