Saturday, May 28, 2011

Satchels Galore!

I happen to pass by Schu Galleria last week and saw that they are open again for preorders of the Cambridge Satchels. I really wanted to have this bag. However, I have plans on going on an Asian trip this year. So I have to hold on to my pockets for the meantime. On the other hand, I am also lusting over the Longchamp Planetes in raisin although I have my Le Pliage already. Haaaay, girls talaga...

my friend LR and his green Batchel

Then just this week, I saw my favorite blogger, Frances of Topazmommy posted a teaser of her new line of bags coming up. Lovely, isn't it? It's also a satchel but what's nice about her bag is that it's handmade (3 days to finish the bag) from pure leather and proudly Pinoy product! I got excited. But not just yet, I still have to wait for other details. Then just this evening, she updated her blog and she posted a prototype of her project. I didn't waste much time, I immediately emailed her.

Frances modelling her leather satchel

Frances also included in her post why she came up with this bag and her review of the Cambridge satchels. It was indeed very helpful. And so I crossed out 'Cambridge satchel' from my list. But no need to worry, I have this Pinoy made bag coming up. Frances replied to my email. She told me she hasn't finalized the sizes yet and she's thinking of coming up with more colors. Yaaay! And she promised that the price is nowhere near as expensive as the Cambridge Satchel. That means, I can have a satchel and at the same time, I can have an additional budget for my Asian trip. Woohoo!!!

Check out more about the Handmade leather satchel. For more details on this bag, you can email Frances at


LR said...

Whoa! I;m here in your blog!

freeswan said...

yepyep!! hahahaha

Nuna said...

that leather satchel is love!