Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Pets and Babies

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Lately, Aldrin has been whining about getting a dog. A pomeranian to be specific. I admit I am not a caring person, more so, a pet lover. But his constant whining is deafening to my ears and I already told myself "bahala na". You see, only the two of us live in this tiny condo unit. We don't have househelp and we are not that close to our neighbors. In short, we only stay in this place to sleep, cook, eat, bathe and watch TV. I thought having a new dog in this tiny room would add chaos to our lives. Imagine leaving the dog while we're at work, it would die in hunger and loneliness. Having a dog in this house would really change our lives. And I'm not cool with it. You see, keeping a dog would change everything but it would not give much gratification in my life, to be honest. It's as good as having a baby. So there, I'd rather be pregnant and have a baby than to have a dog.

cute, isn't it? but no thanks.


Cha said...

Haha! your post made me laugh. Yup, it's tedious to have dog especially if you're not a dog lover. So why not give your husband a baby instead? ;)

freeswan said...

I will sis, soon! hahaha. The plan is next year. For the meantime, save save save!