Friday, May 27, 2011

The Heat is ON

This is the biggest upset for this season. I thought it would've been the loss of Lakers and the goodbye of dear Phil Jackson that would be the saddest news this year. Then this morning came, at Game 5, Chicago Bulls home court, they lost the game at a close 83-30 scoring points because my beloved Derrick Rose lost that 3 point shot.

Sure I like Heat (Bosh and Wade, you guys were fine). I just don't like that other guy - LeBron James. Yes, he makes the hardest blocks but I think he should because he'd be more stupid to not make those calls looking at his gigantic features. 'Nuff of the explaining. I just don't like him. Period.

I hate this picture

And for several years, I got tired of the Heat-Celtics-Lakers run in the finals. So when Bulls stepped up this season, this was refreshing. I was soooo looking forward to see them on finals. It made me kinda remember of the time of Jordan, Pippen and the rest. And I have the heart for underdogs. Opposite to that Lebron guy, is the humble Derrick Rose who I see a Kobe potential in this field. There's one word for this guy - FAST! Well, he did try his very best and that, for me, was well enough.

So what's next? I'm half hearted to root for Miami because of the obvious reasons. I still hope he won't get that ring. So there, I MIGHT be rooting for Dallas instead.

See you all on Wednesday for The Finals Game 1!!!!

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