Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Marriage and Finances

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Yesterday was payday. And at around 6am, I already checked Aldrin's Payroll ATM for his pay. Good.

I am a fan of savings. I have quite some savings. So normally, I would check my salary late. Give it a day or two after the long lines from ATM's, then I'd check my account. Or usually, I check my account online a day after payday since our salary would usually reflect by lunchtime. But this time of the year, this was a tough time for us in our finances. For one,  I had unplanned trips. Trips that would require me to save less than three months for my pocket money and airfare. Then I had an emergency "visit" to CDO to check on some legal matters. This, totally, drained my savings. Not to mention, I submit remittances for my online business to my supplier. I paid some serious fees. Gah!

Then just this morning, I checked my salary online and found out it was depressingly low. I checked my online payslip and found out I started paying my health insurance for me and my parents.This would probably go on for six months. My pay is so low that when I give my bi-monthly share on our joint account, I will be left with Php600. I think it's my poorest state since my QA life. But I told myself it's ok to spend on something that's gonna be worthy. I don't mind at all - they are my parents. But deep inside, I was panicking.

Aldrin was online from work. I greeted him with a sad face. He asked why. I told him my situation. I asked him if his friend Michelle already paid her balance from the VIP bags she ordered from me. Bad news, she just gave half and she left for Davao for a week. I told him I needed the money badly since I used our money for the condo rent to remit in the States. Then my husband said he'll pay for the remaining balance... and he will give me my allowance. To be honest, I do not ask help from my husband in terms of finances, moreover, my allowance for work. I am not comfortable in any way seeking help from my hubby in terms of money especially my daily allowance. NEVER. Trust me, I would just run to the banks for loan but not ask from my husband. I dunno. It's just me.

I told my hubby he can cover for his friend Michelle's balance, but not my allowance.
His reply: "Ako na bahala be. May asawa ka."

This got me almost teary-eyed. In the midst of my pride and frustration, it is only my husband could mend these feelings and emotions. I admit, I could never trust my husband in terms of managing our finances. Seriously, he really needs to work on due dates, dues and charges. And I underestimated him. And I never thought at this point, my husband can take charge. These words really moved me and somehow made me realize that yes, I have a great husband.

Through YM:
Be, ako na magbabayad.
Basta happy face ka lang
I will deposit 8250 on your account
plus your allowance
Wag ka na malungkot
Parang d naman tayo dumaan sa ganito dati
nalampasan natin yun d ba?
Tsaka trust lang kay Lord

And I felt peace. I could cry. And I prayed. I thanked God for a loving, kind and understanding husband. Then I trusted God that he would provide. And trust me,  in just a matter of minutes, I received some good news. God blessed me with more blessings more than I can imagine. Not just the money that I needed but I have always thought that I am more blessed to have not just a friend, but a husband.

Thank you, dear Lord,  for all the blessings and specially for giving me my husband. Amen.