Sunday, October 02, 2011

Movie Review: No Other Woman

I’ve noticed a few weeks back that there’s a serious trending in movies and teleseryes. One way or another, it’s somehow involves a mistress or “kabit”. There’s The Fierce Wife, The Temptation of the Wife, My Neighbor’s Wife and the much hyped No Other Woman.

No Other Woman is a movie about a couple, Ram and Charmaine (Derek Ramsay and Christine Reyes), whose marriage was shaken when Ram met Kara (Anne Curtis), the daughter of his client and his father’s ex-business partner. He met her when she was riding her jetski and almost hit him while swimming in the water. Then they became friends. Very good friends. There’s no denying that Kara was attracted to Ram. Albeit very wary at the beginning, he gave in to her when she agreed to be involved with him despite him being married. But the deal was there’s no supposedly strings attached. To cut the story short, Kara fell in love with Ram and became an official mistress. Then the drama started when Charmaine found out that her husband has an affair with Kara.

The story ended when Ram woke up from a car accident with Charmaine on his side. Then Kara apologized and asked for forgiveness from Charmaine. Kara fled to New York. A few years after, the three met again in Mercato Centralle but this time with peace and smile on their faces. Of course, Ram has to carry a baby boy.

So here are my comments about the movie:

Anne’s makeup was awful. She used a lot of “pink” on her face but it was way too much that she looked pale. She didn’t have much foundation also to cover her freckles.

Christine Reyes and Derek Ramsay were terrible actors. Although Christine’s acting has improved, Derek remains the same. No tears, pilit ang scenes.

The baby. I bet they spent too much on the props (ehem special mention to faves: YSL bag, LV Palermo bag, Margiela shoes and lots of diamonds) that they ran out of budget for the baby’s talent fee.
What i like about the movie is that the characters really did justice on the story. I am not a fan of mistresses (who would?) but this movie showed the real side of a mistress. Most often than not, they're misunderstood. I see now that mistresses have insecurities. And like any other girls/ humans who fall in love, they also get hurt. I dunno why in this movie, I felt the pain of the mistress than the wife’s. I cried in that scene when Kara hid herself in a hall way crying when she saw Charmaine arriving at the hospital. I also cried when she said goodbye to Ram.  I felt for the mistress maybe because, the  movie really didn't do much on the wife's character. In short, the wife just did what she's supposed to do - cry, fight with husband, fight back, make love, etc.  This movie also showed how weak the guys can be. Even when the husband swore that he’ll be loyal, he gave in to the mistress.

The movie was done with no exaggeration. Everything is realistic, genuine and authentic.

My other comments: It could have been better if Angelica Panganiban played the role of the wife and Derek as the husband.

John Lloyd could be the husband and Bea Alonzo could be the wife.

KUDOS to ANNE because she was really convincing in this movie.

The movie is good, not great. It’s very predictable. Of course, this is not what I call a high caliber movie. But I am happy with its ending . I was happy that this movie was fair to the three parties.

The wife is always the winner.

The husband never leaves his wife.

The mistress always has to be the one who’s broken.