About Me

I am a 20-ish beautiful swan who loves life.

I am an employee of a fabulous corporation although I hope someday I get to find my niche in this beautiful yet crazy world.

I love to travel. I am, however, a beach person than a summit person. I travel whenever my schedule permits me and of course, my budget. But this blog is not only limited to my travels but also the other things I love - my boyfriend, Zeke, my family, friends, TV series, movies, white beaches, surfing, swimming, dancing, singing, jogging, eating, reading blogs, ice cream, cakes, shoes, and the list goes on. 

Don't be surprised though. Since this is my personal blog, you might bump into stories from my past. You may read it and you may judge me but I couldn't care less. I am the master of my blog and I can proudly say happiness has finally found me.

Feel free to post your comments in any of my posts. If you have other questions for me, you may email me at freeswan@gmail.com.