Saturday, December 04, 2010

Back In My Cyberworld

So I was out of the loop for two weeks. Why? Because Frankie (short for Frankenstein) died on us. Frankie, is my husband's first ever computer. He got that poor pc when he still in college. And because my husband has such a sentimental value personality, he kept him up until we got married and moved to our new house. Frankie, as his name would describe him, is a computer made out of different parts of different names. Other parts were even taken from old computers. And when Frankie got sick in the past few months, we could no longer change some of the parts because, of course, they're obsolete. Then one day, we just could not revive him. Moment of silence please.

After two weeks and some budget considerations, hubby and I decided to have our early Christmas gift. It's our new lappy. Specs wise, we're good with it. I mainly need a computer for my online business, then Facebook, then blogging. As for hubby, he plays online games. I have to admit I am a pc user. So just imagine when we have this laptop. I could request for an external mouse, I swear. So what's up with Windows 7? I am such an XP user that my techie skills could hardly match up on this new OS. I'd rather have Mac than this. But again, I am thankful. I'm thankful because this freakin' gadget is such a blessing to us. So there, we splurged a little bit but we're happy. We're back, people!