Friday, April 15, 2005

Music, my life...

Music has become a special part of my life since i'm still a kid. My mom used to tell me that when i was about 2-3 years old, i would stand up in our dining table and could hum tunes longing to utter correct words for the song. As a kid, i already know music's gotta give me somethin' amusing in my life. As i grow up, music has been my refuge through my ups and downs. I explain my thoughts through singing. Time came when I already compose songs. It was all about myself - that was my personality, my life, and me, as a whole being. Singing then blesseth my soul.

It was not of singing that I got hooked up but it was also with dancing. I appreciated the art of music and body altogether through dancing. It was then my passion. Now, both singing and dancing -- all being in music, fascinates me.. it even inspires me.

I don't sing well like other famous singers do nor do I dance fabulously like other infamous females could. But I do well that music, may it bring me to the mood of swinging or humming, has its own divine importance in each person's life.. and that's something I can testify to. Music has been my constant partner while I was growing up. I have to admit, I have my own frustrations on becoming a musician but the mere fact that music has been guiding me all throughout these years, it helped me of who I am right now. I have become a better person not only for myself but for others. Music has its own way of touching our lives, and it did alot on mine. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005