Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aldrin's Tapsilog

This is my first food blog and without a bit tad of shame I'd say that this is not my recipe but my husband's.

Overview: I don't cook. I don't like cooking. I am not kitchen-savvy and most of all I hate the kitchen heat. My dear husband, on the other, has passion for cooking. He loves to cook and he experiments with recipes in the kitchen.

So one Monday morning, Aldrin decided to make his own tapa from scratch.

beef strips
soy sauce

1. Mix the beef and all spices. Add water.
2. Let it boil until the meat is tender.
3. Fry the meat.

I asked my husband about the detailed process, he said there's no such thing for him. For one, he doesn't use cups, teaspoons and tablespoons to measure the ingredients. He also doesn't measure the time for boiling, heating and marinating. What he does is he just looks at the meat and observe.Now, that's what I call a GIFT.

He completed his dish with tomatoes with bagoong and some sunny side up eggs. Of course, tapsilog will never be tapsilog if it doesn't have a sinangag.

For his sinangag, he used our leftover rice from dinner, the marinade and the oil he used to cook the tapa.

Then just by this simple dish, our whole day went complete. I am so ever proud of my hubby. 


blackshirt13 said...

I do not claim to be a good cook, but like your hubby, I do not measure out my ingredients when I cook. There are some misses, but most of the time the food comes out edible anyway too. ;)

just-eat-me said...

The problem with having no process is that we can't transfer it.