Monday, November 08, 2010

The Facebook Movie

My husband and I just got back from watching Social Network. What a clever movie. I never knew being in  some social-networking-site business could be that lucrative, deceiving and even more compelling.

Watching the movie brought some terrible memories from college. You see, I graduated with a major in Computer Technology. It wasn't really the best years of my life. I hated my subjects the entire time (that's another long story). Just imagine my horror when I saw the character of Mark Zuckerberg making programs as his way of putting out his emotions. Ack!!!

But what really got my attention was how they made a lot of money (and how Mark lost some too!) from Facebook. Crazy story! It tackled intellectual theft, betraying a good friend, risky investments, launching a company, partying, drugs and even lawsuits. I was just really impressed by how many different stories and lessons they were able to come up in just one movie.

Social Network is on it's first week on the cinemas. Watch it now!


Chick-Chat with Jamie said...

I have mixed feelings about the movie. I liked it because it was well-written. I didn't like it because, well, we already know that story - no revelations, no dirty secrets... otherwise, you can just search it up in the Internet and you'll be just fine :)

freeswan said...

I agree with you, Jamie. Story-wise, it was really a no brainer. But how they made the movie was really clever.