Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insects in my bag

Look what I just got today.
the package

Last night, I got a private message from a close friend, Joanne, who just arrived from the States the other day. She told me she left her pasalubong (well, not really her pasalubong. Thanks, Mac!) to Marna, our another friend. To my excitement, I asked my hubby to get the the items from Marna after his shift. Pronto!

 excited to open. i just woke up. excuse my pantulog outfit.
 see how beautiful she is (package includes catalog from LC)
 the moth with purple studs
 This is my earliest Christmas present. The bag is soooo cute it made me really happy.


Madz said...

I was wondering if your blog title "Insects in my bag" was literal and if it was good or a bad thing. Haha, it's always nice to get things for free. Good for you! :)

freeswan said...

Thanks! Yeah, i love gifts. And the title is kinda literal too. hehehe :)

hahpiness said...

freeswan, pinkpotato here. i sooo love it!!!

hangingbridge said...

ang sweet ng friend mo :)

a1110 said...

At first I thought there were insects 'inside' your bag :p

Tsina said...

woaaaa. love it. I hope someone would give me an LC as well. =p

vivapinay said...

Wow how I love your bag.. nice pasalubong..

Followed and added your blog in my blogroll

freeswan said...

thanks, everyone!
@pinkpotato: sis, go grab a bilberry now!:)