Sunday, November 14, 2010

Php200 off in Progress Gold from Citibank

I checked out our mailbox last night and found out a couple of bills. Two of which is from Smart and one from Citibank. I was so surprised to get a mail from Citibank because I have been enrolled in online billing so I shouldn't be receiving any paper bills from them. To my surprise, I got a gift certificate from Citibank!

"With compliments from Mercury Drug. In partnership with Wyeth, exclusively for select Citibank clients.
In celebration of 65 years of service
This entitles the cardholder to P200 off 
on your purchase of Progress Pre-school Gold at and Mercury Drug Branch!"

And since we don't have a preschooler yet, I'd be giving this GC out to great mommies! Weee! I know, it's just a small amount but hey, it's a Php200 off to a thousand worth of milk. I also have apprehensions in posting this cause what if no one is really interested to get this prize? But I thought, it's gonna be worth the try. It would be a waste if I just throw this GC off.

Here are the mechanics, though:

Yes, you need to purchase the milk and get the discount only when you have a Citibank Mercury Drug credit card. I have one! If you win, we can use my card and just pay me the rest in cash. What do you think?

My mechanics: 
Mommies, just post the cutest picture of your kid. And the winner gets to have this GC. Goodluck!


Mrs. Kolca said...

awww.. nice giveaway sis.. actually. my daughter drinks progress gold not the preschooler ..she is only two kasi e.. sayang..^^

freeswan said...

aww. sayang sis. anyway, next giveaway na lang. :)