Saturday, December 10, 2011

My 2011 Christmas Wishlist

I'm excited to blog about my wishlist. That is because, I know some of my wishes are about to come true. *wink wink*

But let me give you an update regarding my 2010 wishlist. A year ago, I wrote THIS.

2 out of 5 of my wishes came real. Well, sorta...

I was able to get my first wish which is the Blackberry 8520. But I sold it and upgraded to Blackberry 8300.

I also got my Lonchamp bag. Although it is not a Planetes, I got something better. I got the Le Pliage in Bilberry with insects. Go check my post about it.

Now for 2011. Get ready.

1. Surf board. Yup, the very same wish I had since last year. Hahaha!

I'd like to have a longboard or funboard
2. Rayban Outdoorsman. Since I love the sun and the beach, there's no better way to protect my beautiful eyes with these perfect shades. I tried one already and Aldrin promised to give me this fab eyewear this Christmas. Yeeebaaah!

RB 3030 model
3. Sperry Boat Shoes. I just love it. Saw one when my cousin bought her very own Sperry during her birthday. I wasn't really even thinking of getting a new shoes for Christmas but when I saw their metallic collections, I fell in love with them. Well, last Christmas, I had shoes on my wishlist that may have looked like a boat shoe but it's actually flats. Now, I want to have the real thing.

I'm torn though between the two designs. Can you help me out?

Women's Authentic Metallic Boat Shoe
Women's Bluefish 2-eye Boat Shoes

Ugh!!! I would really love to get all these....

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Just-Eat-Me said...

2 out of one.. not a bad Christmas Swan Princess!!