Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is here!

Just because we got our very first Christmas present this year, I suddenly felt it's now really Christmas. I admit, I have not been feeling the Christmas lately. I told Aldrin this. I had so many things in my mind, about some personal stuff, work, trips, etc... It even cost me my health. A lot of times I suggested to Aldrin we'll go to the malls to see the decors and the Christmas trees but experiencing the heavy traffic on a daily on my way to work makes me really cringe.

So here it is, a gift from Ms. Joy.... all the way from California.

2 bottles of Beringer Bernet Sauvignon
1 box of Kirkland Europan Cookies with Belgian Chocolates

To add some more happiness, we added in the picture the 10 KitKat Peppermint packages we bought from Ensogo. Each pack (9x2fingers) is sold with SRP of Php110 but Ensogo sold vouches for Php50 for each pack. Each member of Ensogo can buy 10 vouchers. And so we did. 

Hmmmm... This is pure LOVE. Thank you, Ms. Joy for the goodies!!!


michi said...

i love kitkat. =) i also feel that christmas is near dahil may nagcarolling na sa min last night.

Bee said...

I love kitkat too! It's my comfort food. Have yet to try the other variations though. :)

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