Saturday, November 05, 2011

Enchanting Baler

My surfer friend and a high school batchmate, Chloe, decided to spend our 4-day long weekend to go surfing. And since Baler will host a Surf Festival on that weekend, we decided to head on. 2 weeks of looking for an accomodation, we were unfortunate.We've already settled in sleeping inside the car just in case we really don't get lucky. Until 2 days before our departure, Chloe got us some good news. We will be staying at Aurora Taekwondo gym. Yey! Staying in a gym is a no fuss for me especially that the owner of the gym is my hubby's senior in taekwondo. I thought this would be easy and fun!

We left Sunday morning because we have to wait for Chloe's friend - Lourdes - who just came from her 30-hour shift in TMC. We left Manila at about 2pm already because we need to eat, buy stuff and have the SUV checked. We arrived Baler at around 7pm.

The Concert - Salamin is on

Chloe's entry. She won!

Our friend Jeff's entry. He won too!

Chloe, Lourder and Kr went kalesa riding on the beach.

Baler waves at night.

Capped the night off drinking with taek friends.

The next day, we woke up at around 6am to catch the early waves. Trust me, the waves were oh soooo good!!!! I.LOVE.IT!!!!

Wake up, girls!!!

Before riding the waves.

After riding the waves. We were sooo hungry.

Baler waves. Perfect in the morning.

After eating, we could not get hold of boards because everyone was renting them out. So we had our second session in the afternoon but the waves were no longer friendly, we hated surfing that we have to end it after 45 minutes.  The waves were driven by the wind so they were not consistent and we couldn't get up okay.

After our afternoon session, we headed back to the gym to prepare for our departure. Thanks to Sir Eric Go and his team for giving us snacks. Pancit canton and Baler sweet pandesal are the best!

After our afternoon session.

With the Baler Taekwondo team + Aldrin's seniors in TBB
Again, thanks to Sir Eric Go for accomodating us in Baler. Thanks to the whole team, we really felt special and pampered.
The Gym

The armors

The rubber mats

Last supper

We left Baler at 6pm, made a wrong turn and ended up in some dimention. It's a whole different story but we ended up passing through the most damaged road in Aurora. We crossed boulders of rocks, streams and deep rivers. The off-road run went about three long hours. We could not rest and sleep. We just chatted the night away until we reached a concrete road, Hello Cabanatuan City!

After that amazing trip, I have a newly found respect for Toyota Fortuner. Seriously.


Pink MagaLine said...

You can surf? Wow! Isn't it scary? I wanna try that one day. Hihi.

Visiting fromn GT sis.

freeswan said...

hi Mrs. Kolca! I follow your blog. hehehe. yes, I've been surfing for quite sometime now. You should give it a try. :)

allison said...

this is one of the things I wanna try. but i think i should lose the preggy weight first. hihi!