Saturday, November 05, 2011

Davao Love and Jump

Last October 21, Aldrin and I left for Davao to attend Raffy and Christine's wedding. Raffy is my friend since high school. From Manila, we landed in Cagayan de Oro on Wednesday to meet my family. Friday at 3am, we left CDO and headed to Davao. The bus trip was excruciating. The trip should only be 6 hours but we arrived Davao after almost 9 hours of travel. The roads leading to Davao isn't really good.

We arrived lunch time in Davao, checked in at Enrico's Apartelle. We took some rest and went to a grocery shopping after our dinner. The rest of the night was spent Aldrin teaching my friends how to play poker.

tired from the trip

Enrico's Apartelle

our unit - Apartelle A

They played poker. I just watched
Day 2 was spent for the wedding. The ceremony was at St. Francis Assisi in the other side of Ma-a road near the Diversion Rd. By the way, Enrico's Apartelle was also in Ma-a but at the opposite side of the church near NCCC Mall. The reception was held at Sunny Point. It's just about 300 meters from the church. So near!

Me and Aldrin

Aldrin, Me, Junpens, Bamba, Kaye and Miko. We were the ones who traveled from CDO.

The groom with his parents

The church

The Bride, Tweet-Tweet

The  Kiss


Leila - Ikoy's eldest daughter

Aldrin, Me, April and Bemboy
 We ended the wedding by drinking the night away.

We woke up Saturday morning feeling excited because we're going to Samal Island!!!!Woohoo!!! Every agreed we go to Maxima Aquafun. This is my second time to visit Samal Island, by the way.

We had a not-so-long roadtrip but the time we spent on the barge was super fun!
Picture while we're on the barge.
Then the fun starts!!!!

The longest and steepest slide

really scary

Look at the view. Breathtaking!
 Of course, we have to try our best jumps....

Mark B.



Blu - my inaanak

Bemboy - Blu's dad


And the winner - my hubby, Aldrin!
We took decent shots as well....

We did not stay overnight because we should be heading back to CDO that night. We left Maxima at around 4pm. We were dead tired.

Saying goodbye
Overall, it was a fun vacation. I would definitely love to go back to Maxima. I super enjoyed the jumps and slides.


bechay said...

why did you not take the flight from Manila to Davao sis para hindi ka bugbog sa biyahe?

Anyway, sulit naman ang biyahe mo, I was there in Davao last September to visit my kids but I was not able to go to Samal Island which was one of my plans.

bechay said...

Oh I see...your family lives in CDO:)

Sumi Go said...

Glad you had tons of fun for your vacation sis! :) I haven't been to CDO nor Davao, but I hope to have a vacation there soon.

The Average Jane said...

Wow! I want to try that! Davao is such a clean and beautiful place. I wish the rest of the nation can do it too. =(

Nicole said...

Haha! Naalala ko na naman ang slide sa Maxima!

freeswan said...

bechay: yup, my family and my friends are from CDO.

Sumi Go: sis, you should visit CDO and Davao some time. masarap dun. Everything is fresh and clean.

Jane: yep, I love Davao. Kaso nakakalito the streets coz it's so big. hehehehe.

Nicole: ang saya sa Maxima d ba? i will surely go back here.

Rose ♥ said...

Waaahhh... I love your Samal Island adventure.:) Benta yung shot ng husband mo, I can never manage that pose in mid-air.

Btw, blog-hopping here from GT.

michi said...

naexperience din ni hubby na magbus from CDO to Davao, late na nila nalaman na may direct flight pala from CDO, kala nila from manila lang. hehe! i miss davao na. :)

freeswan said...

rose: hi sis, yakang yaka ni mister ko yan. taekwondo blackbelt kasi yun. hehehe. naks!

michi: yep, may flight cdo-davao-cdo. siyempre mas mahal yun compared sa bus. :) hehehe. wala kami budget pang plane. poorita mode.

Ces said...

Davao looks really nice! :) This is a bit OT, but where did you buy the green dress you wore at the wedding? I'm looking for a similar style kasi. Hehe!

freeswan said...
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freeswan said...

Hi Ces! my friend has a suking dressmaker in Cdo. She was the one who made the dress. :)