Thursday, August 10, 2006

The test continues...

And so, this is my fourth day of having this great pain in my gums. ARGH! Not to mention I went on sick leave yesterday because the pain is unbearable. And oh, may I mention that my cheeks are protruding, like I'm having mumps!

So, I didn't eat yesterday- as in whole day!!! I could hear my stomach lurching and screaming like crazy. But I don't care. The thing is, I can't eat!! Then, this morning, my boyfriend called up and found out that I wasn't able to make to the office last night. He then promised to pass by my house after his work.. Aww.... so sweet of him. And yes he did. He brought me some McDonald's spaghetti so I can just slurp the pasta down my stomach without even chewing eat. Yumyum!! Plus he also brought me donuts!! And did I mention I've been craving for sweets for a week already? boyfriend is the sweetest thing in the world and he's the best! I love him!

Enough of all the pain complains. All I know is that I have to get to work tonight or else I will be miserable if I can't reach my quota. And of course, I don't have a quota cut from my SL so, goodluck to me!

I'm now here in the office, checking office stuff, email, GT, chat and some not-so-important things. Thank God the pain slowly drifts away as I busied myself. Hope this remedy work 'coz I am so tired already of drinking lots of pain relievers and all. And oh, I'm having my Xray appointment with some Mr. Anonymous dentist from a friend's gf. And I'm excited and I hope everything will be ok and normal. Wish me luck!

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