Friday, August 04, 2006

GT's new look

Oh well, here it is. I feel anxious about the new look of my favorite forum - Girltalk. I used to like the old format, the colors, text and everything, I love 'em all. Just when I got to work tonight and try to get in of course, I thought went into a wrong forum!! argh!! evrything is so lousy. The colors were like, uhm, monochrome. It's almost the same as the background's, totally masakit sa mata!! errr... the text are too small I could hardly read it. Then the borders --left and right are too great that the forum itself could only occupy half the space of the whole page. Basta, everything is sooooo ugly!! I wish they would change it ASAP!!! Nawalan ako ng gana. Feeling ko d ako makababad sa forum 'coz I really don't like it. I really hope they'll change it... sooner!!!

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