Saturday, September 10, 2011

Would I like to go back on being single again?

I stumbled upon a question for married people that says “Given a chance, would you rather go back in being single?”, my answer is a big NO. I love being married! And I am lucky to have been married to one of the most fascinating guys I’ve known.

I think the question next is “Do I miss being single?”. My answer is NO. Why? Because I am still enjoying it. Sans the flirting, of course. And oh, for the record, I was never a flirt. Trust me. It was never my habit and to be honest, I don’t know how to flirt. Or maybe, I am not just flirt at all because I am pretty much straight forward. Going back to the topic, YES, I still enjoy things that single women do even when I am married. And that’s when you say I am very lucky with my husband. And by the way, I am the only married girl in our group without a baby. Well, there's two of us married - Me and Natalie. But Nat has baby Nate so she's become a mom now. She's got other priorities. So that leaves me to a pool of single ladies with mostly no boyfriends. Cool!
You see, when I was still single, I love to hang out with my friends, go on drinking sessions, party and travel. Guess what, I still enjoy them now. Well, a little bit. I enjoyed those stuff when I was still in my home town CDO where my family and friends are. I was very much liberated then.  But I when I moved here in Manila, things have turned around a 180 degrees. I became a home buddy. It’s probably because I started working in night shift and oh boy, working in that shift really consumes you up. I always get tired and sleepy. So even during my days off, I spent it sleeping. But I never fretted, I still have the moves in me, it’s just that I get so tired easily. That’s why when I have time to go home in CDO for parties, I still can… with my husband’s permission, of course.
my last day of being single - my bridal shower
I am lucky with my marriage and husband.  My husband is as liberated and as open minded as I am. He knows me very well. He knows that I don’t want to be controlled, that I am ambitious, and I am a free spirit. Never did my husband tried to stop me in doing things I love.  My husband would even encourage me to pursue on other things such as going back to school again, surfing, enrolling in dance class, etc. He’s simply the best! When I go home to my hometown, sometimes, I tend to forget to text him and inform him my whereabouts and he’s just okay with it because he knows I am just simply having fun.
my husband being makulit during the ceremony
A few months ago, I got an invitation by my friends to go on a vacation in Macau. I, first, declined because I scrimped on my budget for this year. But it was my husband who convinced me to join the girls. He said, it rarely happens that a barkada would go out of the country for a vacation.  Sure enough, I was in the group and I totally enjoyed my trip.
me and my friends at the Tsim Sha Tsui station in Hong Kong
Another thing that I still enjoy now is going trips alone. I love traveling alone. It gives me an ultimate sense of independence. I feel invincible when I travel alone. This is the max of my “me time” that I always ask from my husband. Sometimes, I leave the house solo but joins into another group of friends. I like that, too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that enjoying the perks of a single woman while being married is just an icing on the cake.  Yes, I got lucky with my husband because I chose to be lucky. I found him. I would not have married him if not for his better judgment for myself.  The reason why I wanted to be in my marriage because I know we love each other. I love my man. I love everything about him even if sometimes he’s really annoying. But that’s marriage for us. It’s the imperfections that make us perfect.  Marriage makes a better definition of my life right now. I love that waking up every morning I know that somebody out there (maybe beside me, in the kitchen, in the shower or in the office) loves me. I love that any minute of the day I can get a message from a special someone. Most of all, I love to pray everyday and include my husband in my prayers. And I just don’t pray for “me” but for “us.
one year in our marriage. still happy and strong.
Every marriage is different. If you ask that same question to another person, his/her answer will be very different from mine. Others may be vague, absurd, funny, and ridiculous, but hey, who cares! It’s their marriage, not ours. Everyone is  unique and same goes with marriage.


Bee said...

What a really nice perception on married life! I love how your husband lets you be yourself. Walang sakal factor. I am a free spirited person din kasi.but not married. yet. :)

freeswan said...

Bee: hope you can keep it that way when you get married. masaya talaga!

Chew On This said...

I think you're in a healthy relationship. Unlike other girls, you won't lose your self identity when you got married.

The Average Jane said...

Your hubby's really sweet. =)

freeswan said...

@Chew On This and Jane: Thank you very much. :)