Thursday, September 08, 2011

I am so back!!!!!

I've been tad late in updating this blog. Oh, scratch it. That's an understatement.

The only reason why I've been lazy in blogging these past few months is because of our crappy internet connection. Yes, the Sun USB dongle that supposedly gives us fast connection (as per their commercial) is making everything online sluggish. Although we're on postpaid, we felt that it's no longer worth the money that we're paying every month.

Then just this afternoon, Globe finally installed our DSL. Woohoo! Guess what, we've got a free wireless modem! This makes me more excited since I will be blogging out soon in the comfort of my bed. Yahoo!!!

So dear followers, I am sooooo back!

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Bee said...

Just followed you sis! : Please follow my blog too. :)