Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby Questions

I get a lot of them ever since I got married. At first, it was fine to answer each and every question but as you go along, it gets irritating. Not to mention, some comments are down right rude and insensitive. People don’t realize they’re hitting below the belt.

“Are you pregnant yet?”

“Why not?”

“Baog ka ba?”

“Nahirapan ka bang magbuntis?”

“Naku, kelangan mo ng mabuntis. Alam mo na, tumatanda na tayo. Yung eggs natin…”
WTF? The truth is, I am really getting tired of answering these questions. Most of the time, I want to slap or punch their faces. I already told my husband about this and how annoyed I am every time they ask me these questions. His answer was “Wag kang mapikon. Mais-stress ka lang. Hayaan mo sila.”

Ok now, for the record, let me answer your questions. Me and my husband both decided not to have a baby yet. Not until we are stable, financially capable, ready and for me, can take a rest from traveling.  There.
this lovely baby has yet to be made
there goes my budget for shopping
Money is important in a family. It makes our lives comfortable. Money is used to buy and pay for things. We buy food, we buy water, we pay for our house, our utilities, our other needs, wants, etc. my husband and I have stable jobs. We make more than an average Filipino family earns. But we also have our lifestyle. We love going out, travel, watching movies, eat out and once in a while, spoil ourselves. Therefore, most of our salary goes to whatever we spend to make us comfortable.

When my husband I talked about having a baby, we figured out that some of our “loves” would have to be sacrificed.  Most of our salary would probably go to diapers, milk, vaccines, yaya, baby clothes and baby cutie stuff.  That’s probably 40% of our total household budget. Aray!

look at Miranda Kerr's supermodel eyabags
My husband and I love to spend time with each other. We are selfish when it comes to our time. We love being together in one place at the same time. We usually stay in our house, watch tv, dvd, be lazy all day, cuddle, kiss, have sex and whatever things our body can do during our free time. If we have a baby, we’ll say “Hello” to sleepless nights. We’ll probably take turns in changing the diaper, feeding the baby, watching the baby and what not. That’s just a whole lot of time being apart from each other. And it makes me sad. L

Our traveling

my husband could be this guy

or my baby can bring her own stuff
You all know I love to travel. And when I travel, I always tag my husband along. On an average, I travel six to eight times a year. Why? Because that’s how I maintain my sanity. I easily get bored at work so when I want to de-stress, I go out of town. Now, if I get pregnant, I’d probably stay in the city for nine agonizing months. I dread that day! And if we have a baby, my traveling will be put on hold for at least three years. Well, they say I can still travel even if I have an infant. Guess what, I hate traveling with babies. When I’m on a plane or bus, I easily get irritated with crying and screaming babies on board. I would not take that responsibility of shutting the baby up when it’s my own who’s causing disturbance with other people. Not. Just. My. Thing. Also I’ve traveled with people carrying their babies and they can’t seem to have fun because they just end up in the hotel room feeding the baby and putting the baby to sleep while we were out on the beach having good food, cocktails and swim. Oh no!

Well, I have a whole lot of reasons not to have a baby. But of course, I want to have one. Not to mention my hubby is making kulit na that we get pregnant. In fact, I am reading mommy and baby stories already. I already researched on birthing experiences, hospital rates, good OB’s and the rest. We wished to get pregnant sometime next year.  I will get ready to be pregnant on our first shot. That’s why as early as now, we are watching our diet, try to have more exercise and be healthy.

we'll be this mom and baby soon
I don’t mean to say that babies are pain in the ass. They are cute. I love babies but taking care of them is a whole different story. Maybe, I am saying all these things now because I don’t have maternal instincts yet. Or maybe, it’s just the independence in me speaking out. I am not used to having someone dependent on me. I admit, it’s my fear. My baby will be very dependent on me and I will be very attached to her. Oh my. I fear that I will grow deeply in love with her that I could not go to work anymore and develop fears for her.

Oh shoot! Just by writing this entry makes me more worried. Scratch it. I will not worry about it for now. I will enjoy my remaining days of being a sexy wife. And when I get preggers next  year, you all will know it because I am going to be blogging away my momma-hood!
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cham-cham said...

Same thing here... Sarap sagutin nang "If magka-baby kami, tutulong ba kayo magpakain?" Haha

Ranted about this too, here:

freeswan said...

sakto jud cham! murag sila ang magbilar ug binantay.

blackshirt13 said...

You can still be a sexy preggy mommy. I know I was. XD Haha. Peace! \m/_

laarni lopez said...

enjoy and all would be well when it's time.. ;)

bumped into you through, GT, sis. and followed you through GC. ;)

freeswan said...

blackshirt: i hope i'll be a sexy mommy talaga.

laarni: thanks sis!