Friday, April 15, 2011

Superfriends: Goodbye, Philippines!

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We are all excited. This is Superfriends’ (we call ourselves this) first out of the country trip! Yes, local trips will have to rest for a while. Not that we stop taking local trips but this one came unplanned and unexpected. Time was compromised and so is our funds.
It started with a Facebook message that Eu and Kr booked a trip to Macau. There was a seat sale from Cebu Pacific. 50% off to Macau. I politely declined the invitation. Why? Because I have other plans this year. I told myself at the start of the year to take traveling for a rest because me and my husband have other priorities. And there I was, on a cold January morning, texting Kr to book me a flight as well. Talk about self control.

And so weeks passed by. I was too preoccupied with work and have not planned anything for this trip yet. I should be excited. Why not? This is my first out of the country trip! Well, not just me but for most of the members of the group. We’re a group of 7 by the way.
A few weeks before trip, I suddenly got the urge to research and plan. Seems like others are busy as well to make our itinerary and being the control freak here, I took the initiative. It was supposedly a 5 day trip. But what are we supposed to do in Macau for 5 days? Of course, Hong Kong became a side trip. And so the itinerary was made and nobody seemed to comment about it. I assume everybody would just go with the flow. Come what may. That’s our style. But at least, we have a guide to start with.

Our flight going to Macau is at 7:25pm. Guess what, our friend Joanne, has to leave work at 6pm. Good thing her workplace is at The Fort. Another good news, we’ll take off from NAIA 3. Pretty near, huh? Bad news, it was Friday. And it was traffic. We waited for her outside the Terminal Fee booth at around 6:45pm.  And what time is our flight again? And we haven’t passed through immigration yet. In short, Joanne has to run from Resorts World to the airport. We were all dead nervous!!!! Eu who was having fever at that time because he took the flu shot was actually sweating the entire time. To cut the story short, we made it. Thank God for a slight delayed flight.
Goodbye, Manila! It was almost a two hour trip but we didn’t notice it. We chatted the entire time while the rest of the passengers were sleeping.

We arrived Macau at 11pm. It was cold. Very cold.

Cotai area - on our way to Coloane

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