Saturday, April 16, 2011

Superfriends: Amazing Race Hong Kong.

April 3.

As usual, we woke up late. Today’s itinerary: Ngong Ping and Disneyland. We arrived at Ngong Ping at around 10am. Unexpected: looooong freakin’ line. Just for the tickets. And another loooong line for the cable ride. In short, we spent closely two hours to ride the car. But was it worth it? Hell yeah! We got the crystal cable! Look.

i took a photo of our shoes with the sea as our background

we were moving backward and upward.

Since the lines took up most of our time, we just took a few photos with Buddha. Iris, Eu and I ran back to the cable station to catch the next ride. And where are we heading to? Disneyland! Yey!!!!

Oh, Disneyland was heaven! It brought out the child in me. I cried during the parade. And I sang, too!
 the Disney train.
I'm finally here!

 the Circle of Life
 our food
 the parents and kids
 Eeyore. Reminds me of Prinny.
 Snow White
We rode the tea cups!

After the fireworks, we literally ran back to the MTR Station in Disney and head back to Sunny Bay and another MTR ride to Tung Chung. We just got to have our chance to shop at their outlet stores. And although we arrived at around 9pm, we were still able to manage to shop for some pasalubongs. Giordano and Esprit had quite a sale.
me and Eu at Sunny Bay station
After the quick shopping, we met the rest of the group at MTR Central Station and we all went back
to TST. Late dinner, anyone?

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