Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turning 27 on the 27th! My Birthday Wish

So I'm turning 27 on the 27th! How cool is that?! On my birthdays, I start my day by thanking our Dear God for all the blessings he had given for the past years; food, clothing, shelter, career, money, travels, etc. I couldn't even thank Him enough for my life itself. I also thank Him for my relationships; my family, close and real friends, colleagues and most importantly, my husband.

What's my wish? Believe me, I have a long list! My wish would start by asking God for the best health ever! I also wish for safety and guidance all the time. And I also wish for more blessings to come to also become a blessing to other people. But my special wish for this year is to have a GO on our business by mid year and hopefully it'll become successful. I wish I would also retire this year and focus more on our business.

As for my "other" (read: material) wishes, here they go:

1. Hair Makeover. I badly need my hair done. Seriously.The last time I cut and colored my hair was December 30, 2009. My ultimate dream is to have it done by Jing Monis. But given his rates, uhm, I think, I will need a GC for that. But given the chance, I would love to have Kaye Abad's hair color and hair style.
ash blonde, baby!

2. A new piece of jewelry. A few days ago, I've come to realize that I lost some of my jewelry due to bad management. Oh well, I just want to replace them. They are the fruits of my labor. I worked hard for those jewelry and now they're gone. I would love to have a new necklace or diamond earrings.

Tiffany key necklace

diamond stud earrings

3. Philip Stein Mother of Pearl watch. Need I say more? It's just simply gorgeous.

No pressure, guys! hahaha. I know these are oh-so-impossible gifts to give. I can just assure myself that I can buy myself these things one of these days. But if you insist, I won't mind. : )


frumpy no more said...

oh i like the key necklace! hehe

new follower here sis! hope you can visit my site too. :D thanks!

freeswan said...

hi sis! thanks for following. : ) i'm reading and following your blog now.