Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Azta Experience

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...We arrived Manila at 9:00am after our honeymoon. We thought it was too early to go home so we decided to have breakfast in Mcdo Eastwood. And since I'm already at Eastwood, Aldrin suggested I have my hair done.

I called Azta at around 10am and told me that they will open at 11am. I also asked for the highly recommended Andy but he will arrive at the salon at 1pm. I couldn't wait that longer. I was almost tired from the trip. I asked for a senior stylist and good thing they have one available. I think his name is Jorjie or Jojie.. I honestly forgot.


It was Zey/Zay who washed and shampoo-ed my hair.

after the shampoo

Then the senior stylist selected my hair color. He had a disclaimer though. He told me I will be paying more than the usual fee because they will be doubling the hair color because my hair was so thick. I wasn't shocked. It was the usual disclaimer I get everytime I go to salons. They used L'oreal... not the INOA though.

Zey served me a hot tea as per my request. But too bad he did not give me my massage. Boo! After the color settled in, the stylist had to add textured layers with my thick hair.

Here's the result.

How d'ya like it?


mav said...

Aylike it! Nice hair do :)

freeswan said...

thank you sis mav!

The Lazy Mama said...

Gorgeous! Yan ang dream bangs ko. Unfortunately, I have wavy hair.

freeswan said...

thanks sis. you can have your hair relaxed para maachieve mo yung bangs na ganito.

Kimmy said...

Nice! When I first tried to get my hair done at Azta, it was a disaster. I never came back ever since. Maybe I can try the one in Eastwood?