Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Birthday Celebration on our Honeymoon

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...The second day of our honeymoon is also my husband's birthday. He turned 31! We spent the whole day relaxing and we did not forget to have fun. Unfortunately, hanging Amihan was very strong that day and Aldrin couldn't get to try on windsurfing since all aqua sports were suspended until the weather was clear.

I went back from my jog to wake the birthday boy up to and this is what greeted him on our balcony...

 I kissed him thrice. One for a good morning, the second one as a birthday kiss and third, just because I love to kiss him.

The birthday boy was hungry so we had a buffet breakfast.

 my food
 his food... first plate
 his unlimited brewed coffee
 i feasted on this

We stayed indoor for our breakfast because of the strong winds. And while we were eating our food, there goes another surprise...
 "be, look! there's a rainbow just behind your back!"
 God's birthday gift to Aldrin
of course, we have to take our picture with the rainbow

And then we swam, relaxed and took pictures the whole morning and afternoon.

 this one is adjacent to our rooms and hallway
 fresh buko juice at the infinity pool. so freakin' cold!
 we just took photos. aqua sports not allowed yet.
 the hobbie cat
 and i'm at it again
 Aldrin, the pavilion deck and the cliff villa
 Aldrin took this shot from the beach
while waiting for our cart
 the lap pool
with Mt. Malindig at the background

After we swam, the birthday boy wanted to have a bubble bath and so I obliged. After the bath, we watched DVD's again and took a short nap before having our dinner.

the soak for his bubble bath
my dinner
his dinner.... first plate
my dessert.. i love the tarts and the chocolate cake
birthday dinner
nightcap with his coffee
while looking at him sipping his coffee and smoking
the stairs to our room

February 6, 5am
We woke up early to pack our things. The staff are getting our luggage at 5:30am for an early check in at the airport.  Our flight is at 8:30am so we have to leave the island at 6:00am. Since Aldrin and I ran out of time, we didn't have breakfast anymore at the hotel. I, instead, bought some cup noodles at the airport.
our last room picture before we checked out

goodbye, Bellarocca!
on the speedboat leaving the island
sunrise at 6:30am

The whole experiencing was fun. I admit at first I was apprehensive of this vacation. It is  because I am so used to backpacking travels minus the posh accomodation and hotel services. I always go for the cheap, non aircon rooms and always buy food outside to take on every variety. On my travels, I am usually on the go, with 4-6 hours sleep but just wander around, learn the culture and language or dialect. I always end up being tired or having a sore body everytime I travel. But this is just different. This was total relaxation with first class service at its finest. There were hours when I just cuddled up in the bed and watch movies until I sleep. I was relaxed, had the time to meditate and calm all throughout my stay. The price that we paid for is totally worth it. I was rejuvinated. 


Chew On This said...

well-deserved vacation sis. Nice to know you enjoyed the first class service. Who wouldn't? So envy you :)

Chyng said...

+1, dying with envy here! hehe

freeswan said...

thank you sisses. it's really worth the pay. i hope you both could come and visit Bellarocca someday.: )