Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh My Sydney!

Okay so now I'm a bit embarrassed as I haven't been blogging for... get this, 5 months! Well, I was busy. Not really the kind of busy if i would've said this a year ago but the kind of busy --- enjoying life :)

My last entry was in November. I still remember those days when I was preparing for the requirements for my visa. I was granted a visa before November ended so I left the country 10 days later. And that's when I started became "busy".

It was my first time to visit Australia. I arrived in Sydney on a beautiful Thursday morning. Zeke took a time off from work that day to pick me up at the airport. The Captain of our plane had said it was 13 degrees in Sydney. I was like "really?" I thought it's summer. Or maybe he had said 30. But as soon as I got out from the plane, I know it wasn't 30 degrees. So I went in line for Immigration, got my whimsy suitcase from the carousel, went through Customs (I declared my medicines) and have myself filmed for Border Security. Joke! Although they were filming that morning, I just won't like to delay myself from hugging again the love of my life. I exited out, called Zeke on his phone and a few minutes later, there he is came rushing towards me. We hugged and kissed and it was all like magic again.

We took a cab and went straight home. We rested for a while and we started going around the city. My first day of touring the city was like in a daze. I couldn't remember things. I was lost. I have poor sense of direction. Or maybe because I was busy taking pictures. Or maybe because I was just fascinated with my environment --- I've never seen so many white people in my life. Chinese, yes, but whiteys? they're just everywhere. I probably would sound ignorant but hey I'm not ashamed to say that as a lady who grew up in a third world country, seeing different people in a first world country for the first time is actually overwhelming. So Zeke is my private tour guide, pointing buildings, telling me what they are, their stories (his personal stories) and history. We really didn't go through all the tourist attractions in Sydney on that day. We only had a brief tour, cuddled up at home and the next two weeks, Zeke was at work so most of the time I explore the city on my own. After that two weeks and some crazy partying, we went to Zeke's hometown in Geelong (my favourite place in Australia!). Stories about Geelong will be in another blog though :) After Geelong, we went back to Sydney and there I spent 2 months going around the city. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, our personal pictures of Sydney, Australia.

St. Mary's Cathedral
The Sydney Tower with perfect blue sky as a background

The Sydney Westfield Tower
Hyde Park. A Wedding Photoshoot happening right there.
Beautiful Sydney

At the tower looking at Sydney in 360 degree view
ANZ Stadium at the Olympic Park during The Colour Run.

Stadium at the Olympic Park during The Big Day Out Music Festival. Highlight of the day? Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The famous Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge on Christmas Eve
I'm in-love with this tree at the Botanical Garden.

Manly Beach. My fave one.

People swimming at Manly Beach. Waves are very beautiful.
Bondi Beach. Famous for surfers ;)
Huge Rubber Duckie at Darling Harbour
Of course, we don't wanna miss out The Sydney Opera House.
Circular Quay
I actually forgot what this building is (maybe QVB) but just showing you the kind of buildings they have.

There are actually a lot of places to visit in Sydney. There are museums, malls, parks and others. Other places that I've been to will be in another blog though as they are worth the space, post and effort. Just standby ;) But I really can't believe I missed Taronga Zoo. It'll definitely be on top of my list when I go back there next month. I know it will be worth the wait. 'Til my next entry!


avagabondmom said...

Looks like you enjoyed your time in Sydney. I'll wait for your entry about Melbourne!

freeswan said...

Yes, I did sis. Yup, I'll post about Melbourne soon :)