Saturday, November 10, 2012

Para sa mga d nakakaintindi

I don't owe anyone my life story. My transparency just means I am standing for what is right for my life. Don't talk about my pain cos you don't know my pain FOR YEARS. Don't talk about sensitivity when you don't even know how it feels to be verbally harassed. Before you say something about a phrase that you've seen and read, I'd appreciate if you would read ALL the pages of that document first. You may be talking about values and virtues and all that crap but really, saying those in context of marriage? What do you know about it? Are you even in a relationship? Bago ka magsalita, alamin mo muna yung kwento. Wag kang magmagaling dahil magmumukha ka lang hangal. Kaya nga naglagay ako ng ganito eh, para to sa mga taong katulad mo.

To all my bashers and nosy people harassing my family and close friends, here's to you. I hope i have answered your stupid questions. I have moved on and so should you.


Di said...

verbally harassed (and even emotionally)? sounds kind of familiar from a very familiar person..believe it or not, i feel you, swannie. just hang in there. keep fighting the good fight and stay strong!

freeswan said...

thanks, Di. :)