Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Open Letter to the Love of my Life

My Dearest Zeke,

I've had so much coffee in the past 2 hours that's why at 2:30am (my time), my mind is doing a marathon. The time that I had been awake was used for research and educating myself with the things that's been going on with my life right now. I'd like to empower myself. Surprisingly, a few "Hi's" and "Hello's" have come up from my Facebook chat. They're mostly from people at work. They miss me and I do also miss them. I had a chat with one of my closest TLs from work and I was comfortable telling him what happened to me. He was shocked and so disgusted of how others treat me. I appreciate him verbally acknowledging how hardworking I am. And that I spent hours dedicating myself to Operations and would not even take my breaks to accommodate their needs. We were both emotional during our chat conversation. It had to end though when he said I looked "fresh" when I started and how I have looked "haggard" after weeks of running the program. He can be brutally honest with how I look because he's a beki. :) I have to laugh out loud for that comment and well, I can't dispute a fact. He said after all my hard work, I ended up in this. I don't deserve this. They are being unfair. We ended our conversation by him telling me to fight for it and that he'll pray for me.

I am just so thankful that people at work are praying for me and want to keep me. I do appreciate them even if they only know half of the pie. But what I really wanna say is that I give full credit to you. It's you who gives me the strength to fight for what is right. Your undying love and support had sent me through greater possibilities that even I myself could not think I could do. You guide me through each and every process that I need to go to. You teach me how to go about things. You troubleshoot my phone. You troubleshoot my lappy. You read my letters and edit them. You Google things for me. You scold me for slacking off. You look and book my flights. You look for my accommodation even if it's the most remote places in the Philippines. You tell me what to say to those people who have been so harsh to me. You're my number one supporter. You're my number one fan. And most of all, you're my number one stalker. I will be forever indebted to you for the amount of time you've devoted to communicate with me.

There are two things that I wanna say to you. Thank you and I love you. Thank you for never leaving my side even when things fall apart and I'm slowly crashing down. Thank you for always cheering me up and making me laugh. Thank you for making me smile whenever I catch you staring at me. Thank you for saying that I'm not fat and I have the hottest ass and legs in the world (although I know it's a lie). Thank you for laughing at me when I do silly things and when I tell funny and nonsense stories. Thank you for just being quiet whenever I cry. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. No If's and But's. And most especially, thank you for being "my person".

I love you for many reasons. I love you for being the person who can put up with me. I love you for the reasons I've mentioned above. I love you because you make me happy. I love you because you love me. I love you for being the amazing person that you are. I love you because behind your sometimes stern attitude is a genuine heart and a pure soul that's wanting to please not just yourself but also the people who you think deserves your love and attention. I can take up the entire cyberspace to put the reasons why I love you in writing. But most of all, I love you because you're mine and for the first time in my life, you made me believe that there is such thing as Forever.

I am bruised right now. But I'm also happily wounded. What I'm going through is part of my life and somehow yours. It sucks that I have to go through these but I'm just glad that you're that big light and hope that keeps me going. I've never fell flat on my face, just a few slips and drops. It's because you're constantly holding my hand and keeping me still. I know that you're also going through a tough phase in your life and I just wanna assure you that I'll be there 1000% to support you and love you. I will be your number one supporter, admirer, fan and yes, stalker too.

Our journey has officially begun. No matter what happens, we're in this together. We'll go through this and we'll be each other's source of strength. Trust in our love that we will be rewarded with great things after these challenges. This might not be a walk in the park but this is definitely worth it. You are worth it.

Ever Yours,

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