Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I don't watch Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

Because it's depressing.

I am a sucker for reality TV shows, especially the ones being shown in ABS CBN. I feast on forums for spoilers, updates, real life stories, background, personal encounters with the contenders. But  not this one.

I am not sensitive to weight issues. I am sensitive to health issues. For one, weight is not really the issue in this show. It's about the health of the contestants. Obviously, the contenders are at poor health. Blame it on good things - food, easy lifestyle, slacking. See how these great things can do to our body? Second, this show leads to an exaggerating emotional torture to the contenders. Flashback of how ugly they were during weigh-ins, shattered relationships are brought up to remind them what they did to themselves, etc. ugh! It's just too much for me.

And the thing why I really don't buy this show - It's very unrealistic. Of course, it's not easy to lose weight. How can one show make someone lose 8lbs in one week? You see, everyone is in a camp. And when you're on a camp, you don't do anything except for workout, do challenges, run, strategize. In the real world, you won't have all the luxury of time to spend at least 8 hours a day to do a hard core work out. And not all can afford world-class trainers. If contenders can sometimes think of quitting, how much more in real world when you just don't deal with your weight? Contenders need to be emotionally blackmailed to have discipline. How about it real life? How can one have discipline in losing weight aside from having rock-hard will.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to discipline and taking care of ourselves. Food is love. I admit I love eating and there are days when I have series of donuts, cakes and ice cream. But when I realize that my tummy doesn't go flat anymore and my back starts to hurt, I stop. My work requires sitting in my station for eight hours. Now, that's bad. I am not a health buff. I am just health conscious. I make sure I run at least thrice a week. I enrolled in Gold's Gym for Zumba. I didn't enjoy it so I'm contemplating of going back to yoga. There are times when I am not in the mood to go to the gym. There are times when I'm tardy. Now that's something I need to work on. I love myself. And when I say I love myself, it means I value my health. And I hope this goes out to everyone.


Rae said...

I do bikram yoga. :) Mas preferred ko sya, compared to super active na exercise... But i do run.

I watch the show but not regularly, kapag naabutan lang and sometimes it does bother me.

Kasi I feel na hindi safe ang mag-lose ng ganun karami in a short period of time.

Pero may doctors naman sila so I don't know and wala pa din akong nababalitaan na naaksidente dahil sa biggest loser.

Personally I don't believe in losing weight that fast. Kahit tempting.

Kasi hindi makakahabol yung skin sa pagpayat.

I lost 35lbs in 1.5 years and I don't have saggy skin.

Pink MagaLine said...

I sometimes watch that show. Not because I am a fan of it but because I wanna get some helpful tips, like last time, I learned about the metabolic exercise. Wink*

The Average Jane said...

I used to watch the US edition to serve as a sort of motivational tool whenever I feel that my change in lifestyle wasn't working. So when the pinoy edition was fist being advertised, I admittedly was a little enthusiastic and vowed to watch the series as well.

However, it got so boring and melodramactic that I lost interest after episode 1. I mean, how could they even stretch the weigh-ins to a 3 parter is waaaayyyy beyond my comprehension (and patience, if I may add) Add that to the gazillions of commercials! Hay nako! Nakakatulog ako before it even began. =)

I admit that what they are doing is very drastic. But sometimes this is what the contenders really need to jump start their weight loss journeys. The goal is for them to eventually develop the discipline to continue with a sensible regimen even after they leave camp. =)

eccentricerrant said...

Ah I can't imagine letting yourself go like that. It's okay to have some meat on the bones, but to be alarmingly obese and not for a medical condition? It's just disrespectful to the body we're given.

blackshirt13 said...

Thankfully, despite my affinity to sweets and other fattening foods I have never been obese. A bit chubby or overweight, but nothing over the top alarming. What made me seriously lose weight was when I started playing badminton. I went hard at it, not because I wanted to lose weight but simply for the fun of playing. And I think that helped a lot in keeping up with that form of [healthy] activity.

freeswan said...

Rae: yes, you're right. parang d kasi tamang maglose ng weight in that short span of time. i mean, losing weight also requires pacing and what they are doing is really hardcore.

pink Magaline: yeah, sometimes there are helpful tips from the show. but really, some tips naman doesn't really work for everyone. tsaka you can look for ways in losing weight that suits your lifestyle.

The Average Jane: oh yes, it's the drama that I don't like.

eccentricerrant: that's why for me, it's sort of a punishment for being obese.

blackshirt: good for you sis! ako din, i love running pero lately tamaditis ako. masarap talaga kumain. hehehe

buy and sell philippines said...

What I love about the show is the attitude of the contestant specially the Eboy but too sad he already gone.