Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Traveling Story that SCARED Me.

Chyng is a virtual friend. I have encountered her many times in a forum especially in Out and About section. She loves to travel. That's something we have in common. But if we measure our travels, she's waaaay up the notch already. She's been to several provinces and countries. She traveled with friends and most couragiously, ALONE! I have admired her courage to go to other countries alone. She and Nina are two of my favorite travel bloggers. Almost everyday, I get to check their blogs for any new posts. Then just this afternoon, she mentioned in the forum about her latest post. It was not fun. It was traumatizing. And she here's her story.

I was really scared. To be honest, it is one of my goals this year to travel alone. I had four countries in my mind: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. But watching some traveling documentaries got me scared. You see, I'm a 100-pound-5-1-lady. Anybody can take advantage of me, especially if I don't know their language. And so I invited friends. Well, we're still on the planning stage. I'll tell more of it once we've finalize everything.

Going back to her story, I know how it feels to be questioned in immigration in the first place. When we have our passports checked in immigration, the officers just do the normal checking of the passport and sometimes the irrititating look-you-in-the-eyes-for-the-nth-time. But what scares as most of the time is when they begin asking us questions. I have my own traumatic story in HK last April.

Officer (looking at my passport picture): Is this you?
Me: Yes.
Officer: So are you flying back to the Philippines after in Hong Kong?
Me: No, I will go back in Macau.
Officer: How many days are you going to stay in Hong Kong?
Me: 2 days only
Officer: Can I see your plane ticket?

At this point, as I hand her my e-ticket, my  heart was already at my throat. I can already see my friends waiting and looking at me on the other side of the immigration counter. I felt they were all nervous too.

When the officer saw my e-ticket, she gave this comment "oh gosh!" I don't know what that means but she stamped my passport and left the counter in time for her reliever. I could pass out. But I just wanted to believe nagtitrip lang yun. That night, I had a hard time sleeping.

Is there something I should be nervous about? Well, maybe. I don't have any illegal business. I don't do drugs. I am not a drug user. As far as I know, I haven't been in jailtime. But... I was a DOST scholar. You see, when you're a DOST scholar, you're not allowed to leave the country while your bond with the scholarship is on effect. After your scholarship and graduation, you should be serving your country equivalent to the number of years you had your scholarship with them. Proof? I had a hard time getting my NBI clearance for my passport. I had to get my certificate from DOST that I am no longer in bond with them. So now you know why I'm allergic to immigration counters.

This is another traumatic story I have to consider... at the time of my planning stage for my next trip. How ironic. But this is really something we need to be serious of. Points to ponder. If this would've happen to me, I might get insane.

So another pat on the back again for my friend, Chyng! I'm glad you've overcome that incident. Isipin mo na lang, this is one of your adventures. Charge to experience na lang sis. Goodluck sa atin na manlalakbay! Maybe this is the best time na magpahinga muna sa gala. Cheer up na! : )


Pink MagaLine said...

I've read her story too and got scared that same thing will happen to me. In fact, I even told hubby last night that we'll never visit Indonesia. Haha. Praning ba?

Chick-Chat with Jamie said...

I saw her post and I feel bad for her & her friend. I wish the DFA will really help her.

Badet said...

After what happened, I'm glad Chyng and Dyanie still enjoyed Bali. I hope this is just an isolated case. But still, on our SG trip last week, praning mode din kami.

Chyng said...

hey girl, ngayon ko lang to nabasa, you had your share of "traumatic incident" pala.. kakapraning no? it goes down to our system, too bad..

sana di na maulit ang mga experiences natin.. have you heard of another traveler, yung naaksidente sa Cambodia? her leg was amputated.. =(

Vacante Ieftine said...

Wow! I hope someting like this will never happend to me...

freeswan said...

Chyng: I read it from your blog. yung isang OM sa PS ba yun? buti na lang she's positive despite what happened to her.